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Article: Scott Survives Offroad Wrecker Games with Merlins Old School Garage

Scott Survives Offroad Wrecker Games with Merlins Old School Garage

Scott Survives Offroad Wrecker Games with Merlins Old School Garage

Scott's Invite

I was sitting at my desk doing the typical computer work this B+ nerd does on a daily basis when I got a phone call from one of my good friends, Merlin. As the name suggests, Merlin is a wizard of sorts. Click here to view Merlin's youtube channel and watch him do all sorts of automotive wizardry. But I digress. Back to the phone call.

"Scott, what are you doing March 9th, 10th, and 11th?"

I mutter "Pshhh, hell if I know, let me check my calendar." Surprisingly it was the only weekend I had free. I am usually a pretty decent planner on my calendar, but my wife...she is an excellent planner, therefore I am an excellent planner. Back to the phone call: "You are now busy that weekend!" Merlin says. He continues, "You are going to be on my team for the Offroad Wrecker Games." Needless to say, I had no idea what the Offroad Wrecker Games were, and he barely did.


Offroad Wrecker Games Utah

What are the Offroad Wrecker Games?

Many of you have probably heard of Matt's Offroad Recovery. If you haven't, then you should go checkout their Youtube Channel. Matt and his team have grown their youtube to about 1.5 million subscribers (at the time of this article) and have done it by filming all of the Offroad Recoveries that they execute here in the Southern Utah area. As I understand, they came up with the idea to put on the Offroad Wrecker Games in late 2022, put everything together and made it happen by March of 2023. What an accomplishment! So Matt and team put together a friendly "competition" together consisting of 4 other Offroad Wrecker Youtubers. The event would be held here in our backyard, Sand Hollow State Park, Utah. The "Games" would consist of a dead pull of a truck and trailer stuck in the sand, welding competition, vehicle flip-over, dyno competition, and towing of a vehicle through the offroad rock crawling course of Triple 7's and Double Sammy of Sand Hollow.


Merlins Old School Garage Wrecker

Merlin's Rig

It is a 1941 G506 Chevrolet Military Truck. He paid $203 for the truck on an Ebay bid. 🤣 He then put the truck body onto a First Gen Dodge Cummins 4x4 truck chassis that he already had. The boom and metal of the bed was all scrap metal that he got from his cousin. It is sitting on 44" Super Swamper tires and is powered by a 5.9L Cummins with a VE fuel pump.


Being on Merlin's Team

The reason Merlin asked me to be part of his team, besides the fact that I'm an overall cool cat, is that I am very familiar with Sand Hollow and all of the trails here. I have driven Triple 7's and Double Sammy several times, albeit in a RZR. What I didn't expect was that I would be rope towed up the majority of Triple 7's and Double Sammy, in an Isuzu Rodeo with no engine, no transmission, and no brakes. The little amount of E-Brake that I had was of no value. Luckily I am in halfway decent shape and have actually been doing a lot of back and neck exercises for the last year. Otherwise, I think I would have been bedridden for a week afterward. It was quite a ride. 🤣


Merlins Old School Garage Wins Wrecker Games

The Results

In the end, Merlin's Team won by a landslide the inaugural Wrecker Games! We had the funnest time competing in the games and meeting all of the other teams & competitors. All of our hard work paid off and it was definitely worth all the effort. Now, the Wrecker Games may have become a yearly event that everyone looks forward to. Who knows what next year's challenges will bring? All we know is, we can't wait! 🤘🏽


I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Offroad Wrecker Games with Merlin's Old School Garage and if you ever have the opportunity to check out the Triple 7's trail at Sand Hollow, jump on it! It's an experience you won't soon forget. 🤙🏽


Keep your eyes peeled for more crazy and cool experiences from Revolution Off-Road in the future. Until then, keep that spark alive! 🔥

Happy off-roading everyone! 🤙




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