Unlock Your Pro-R's Potential: Aftermarket Assassins Slip On Exhaust

Unlock Your Pro-R's Potential: Aftermarket Assassins Slip On Exhaust

 Are you looking to upgrade the performance of your 2022+ RZR Pro-R 4 cylinder models? Look no further than the Aftermarket Assassins Slip On Exhaust! A sleek and stylish design, this exhaust is engineered for optimal performance.

The Aftermarket Assassins Slip On Exhaust has adjustable sound levels so you can customize the level of noise output depending on your preference. It comes with a manual cutout (stealth cap) for quieter operation when desired. You also have the option of adding a spark arrestor for less sound and additional safety. The 2.5” outlet still flows plenty of air even with the stealth cap, ensuring reliable power for whatever you throw at it.

This Slip On Exhaust fits perfectly into the factory mounting location; utilizing top and bottom OEM rubber mounts instead of any solid frame mounts which may crack the head pipe over time. Additionally, it exits out the side of the vehicle rather than in the center, producing a much better sound and more power than most center exit exhausts.

In addition to improved performance and sound quality, this slip-on exhaust makes an impressive 14lbs weight savings on your machine! Plus its hydro blasted finish looks great with rust inhibitor compound; giving it unmatched style with an AA graphics heat shield that keeps the back of the muffler cool.

Pro R Exhaust Installation

At Aftermarket Assassins, we believe in our workmanship and stand behind our products 100%. We make sure each product is hand assembled with high quality materials using cutting edge technology to provide top notch results every single time - just check out our prototype installed picture! Don't wait until you miss another corner – get your Aftermarket Assassins Slip On Exhaust today with part number 110-1013 and make sure your ride is reaching its full potential right away!

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