Upgrade Your Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R with Deviant Race Parts Billet Shock Fork Set

Deviant Race Parts' Billet Shock Fork Upgrade is a high-performance suspension upgrade designed specifically for Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R off-road vehicles. The upgrade replaces the weak factory shock forks with a more robust and durable billet aluminum design that can withstand the rigors of off-road terrain. This upgrade provides increased reliability and longevity, ensuring that your vehicle's suspension system is better equipped to handle extreme conditions. Additionally, it can help provide peace of mind to off-road enthusiasts who demand the best from their vehicles.

 Pro R Shock Forks

The key features of the Deviant Race Parts Shock forks are:


  1. Compatibility: The Billet Shock Fork set is specifically designed for 22-up Polaris Pro R or Turbo R with Live Valve Fox 3.0 shocks and Walker Evans.
  2. Material: Made in the USA with 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum, which provides strength, durability, and reliable performance in extreme off-road conditions.
  3. Design: This proprietary design is built with cutting edge technology to give you peace of mind that your Pro R won't leave you stranded on the track or in the desert.
  4. Easy Installation: It requires no modifications for installation, but does require complete removal of shock, springs and factory fork to install. Additionally, a shock shaft holder tool is required to remove/install fork.

 Pro R Shock Fork Upgrade

Unleash your full potential with Deviant Race Parts' billet shock forks, crafted from the highest quality American-made 6061 airplane-grade aluminum. Our in-house designers constructed this exclusive CAD design that was then meticulously machined by our Mazak CNC 4-axis mill. With cutting-edge technology and expert engineering, you can drive faster and harder knowing that your Pro R won't leave you stranded on the track or in the desert. Go beyond limits with Deviant Race Parts!

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