Deviant Race Parts Has The High End Components That you Desire.

Deviant Race Parts Has The High End Components That you Desire.

Race-Ready Perfection: A Comprehensive Look at Deviant Race Parts' UTV Lineup for Polaris and CanAm

In the adrenaline-filled universe of Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs), enthusiasts are continually seeking high-quality, performance-boosting components. It's a relentless quest for parts that can stand up to rugged landscapes while simultaneously elevating the functionality and performance of their vehicles. In this fast-paced, ever-evolving terrain, one name consistently rises to the forefront - Deviant Race Parts (DRP). They are a titan in the industry, celebrated for their unwavering dedication to designing and delivering parts that magnify the performance of your UTV, and equally, enhance its visual appeal.

In this comprehensive post, we embark on an in-depth exploration into the heart of DRP's specialized UTV product line, painstakingly designed and tailored for Polaris and CanAm. We delve into the intricate details and features of their array of components. Our journey will cover their robust radius rods, expertly designed A-Arms, stability-enhancing sway bar links, safety-focused fire extinguishers, wide-view UTV mirrors, performance-boosting intake tubes, and efficient charge tubes. Moreover, we will investigate their engine-protecting blow-off valves and ergonomic shift handles. Each of these components stands as a testament to DRP's commitment to improving every aspect of your UTV experience. So, buckle up and get ready to uncover the transformative impact of integrating Deviant Race Parts into your off-road adventures.

Radius Rods

Starting with DRP's radius rods, these components are an excellent example of the brand's commitment to performance and durability. Crafted from high-strength materials, these rods are designed to withstand the harsh off-road conditions typically faced by Polaris and CanAm UTVs. The DRP radius rods offer superior suspension geometry, ensuring improved handling and ride quality, crucial for both racing and recreational use. Deviant's radius rods are some of the strongest on the market. We here at Revolution Off-Road have personally used these radius rods for years with zero issues or failures. We have also sold and installed hundreds of these UTV radius rods on both CanAm and Polaris UTV's. These radius rods have been serving and providing confidence and superior performance to UTV owners for years. Built from 1.5" .125 wall DOM tubing, you can rest assured that these radius rods will keep you in line. These radius rods are also high clearance! These will add up to 3.5" of ground clearance! 


DRP’s A-Arms are another highlight in their UTV lineup. Engineered to provide increased ground clearance and improved suspension travel, these A-Arms allow for a smoother and more stable ride, even in rough terrains. Their robust construction ensures longevity and resistance to bending or breaking under stress, providing a worry-free off-road experience for Polaris and CanAm owners. One of the things we like the most about Deviant A-Arms is their Billet steel CNC machined ball joint block. This piece ensures that you get the most durability and reliability out of your a arms. These also add up to an additional 2" of ground clearance. 

Sway Bar Links

Next up are DRP's sway bar links, which are designed to enhance stability and control in high-speed or cornering situations. These links are a testament to DRP's meticulous engineering, reducing body roll and increasing the responsiveness of your UTV.

Fire Extinguishers

Safety is paramount in off-roading, and DRP understands this well. Their UTV-specific fire extinguishers are compact, easy to mount, and provide quick access during emergencies. Made to fit all UTV models, due to their multiple clamp sizes, these fire extinguishers are an essential safety upgrade for any responsible rider. These fire extinguishers are made to mount to just about any rollbar size. With options of 1.5', 1.75', 1.875" and 2" roll bar clamp sizes you can be sure they have an option to fit your machine. 

UTV Mirrors

DRP’s UTV mirrors enhance both safety and style. The mirrors offer a wider field of view, ensuring improved visibility. Additionally, their sleek design complements the aesthetic of your UTV. Designed for easy installation, these mirrors are a simple and effective upgrade. Deviant mirrors are also a great option if you are wanting to run a full windshield. Deviant has thought ahead and ensured that their mounting clamp is ultra thin to be able to fit underneath your windshield frame. 

Intake Tubes

DRP's intake tubes are designed to increase airflow to the engine, boosting performance and efficiency. These tubes are precision-engineered for a perfect fit and are a must-have for any off-roader looking to get the most out of their Polaris or CanAm UTV.

Charge Tubes

Similarly, DRP's charge tubes allow for a more efficient flow of pressurized air from the turbocharger to the engine. They are designed to resist heat and pressure while minimizing air turbulence, leading to improved throttle response and overall performance. The stock charge tubes are made from thin, brittle plastic that are notorious for cracking. This will ruin your day! Upgrade to this 5 layer woven charge tube from Deviant Race Parts and avoid being stuck on the trail. 

Blow-Off Valves

DRP's blow-off valves are designed to protect your engine from potentially harmful turbocharger surge. These valves efficiently vent excess boost pressure, ensuring the longevity of your turbo system. Plus, they give your UTV a distinct, performance-inspired sound that is music to any off-road enthusiast's ears.

Shift Handles

Last but certainly not least are DRP's shift handles. These handles are not just about looks; they offer a better grip and more comfortable shifting, improving your overall driving experience. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, they can be chosen to match the aesthetic of your UTV.

In conclusion, DRP's lineup of UTV parts for Polaris and CanAm models showcases their dedication to quality, performance, and safety. Whether you're upgrading your UTV for competitive racing or for recreational riding, Deviant Race Parts offers the perfect blend of function and style. The investment in DRP components not only ensures a more exhilarating ride but also adds a layer of safety and peace of mind, letting you focus on the thrill of the trail ahead.

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