First Upgrades For a New UTV

First Upgrades For a New UTV

Congratulations on your new, or new-to-you, UTV! You may be thinking now what?! Or you may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of aftermarket accessories available to upgrade (or customize) your new toy. The list of possible upgrades is endless, but unless your finances are also, here are the top upgrades we feel you should start with for your new UTV.


You never know when Mother Nature might surprise you, so you want to be prepared with a roof. It will protect you from the elements, as well as provide much-needed shade during those scorching summer rides. A roof doesn’t just protect you, but it also provides a great look at the same time!


Keep the bugs, wind, dust, and mud out of your face while riding, and protect yourself from the elements with a windshield. Not only does it provide protection and comfort, but it also ups the safety factor by improving visibility, and helps support the roof, preserving the structural integrity of the machine.


Get additional protection from rain, dust, mud, and brush by adding doors. If you decide to go with hard doors you will get that extra firm layer of protection as you ride down the trail. Doors are another upgrade that not only offer protection but look good as well!


With all the things you need to bring along for a day on the trail, you’ve got to have somewhere to securely place it. Storage allows you a place for food, drinks, recovery and safety items, and any other gear you want and need to carry.


Safely view who and what is around you on all sides, and at all times, helping you avoid accidents by installing mirrors. They can also assist in backing up and keeping an eye on your passengers in the back.


Not only do you need to protect yourself, but you need to protect and preserve your machine. A skid plate will provide your machine with underneath protection from the different obstacles or debris that you might encounter on the trail.


You will need a way to get out of trouble, the best thing for those situations (especially if you are alone) is a winch. You may not think you need one if you don’t ride aggressively, but you never know what situations you might accidentally get yourself into.

Now you’ve got the basic upgrades to hit the trail a little more comfortably, safely, and looking good, get out there and enjoy your new UTV! Have fun and ride safe!

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