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Can Am X3 Cold Air Intake kit - Aftermarket Assassins

SKU: 112-1008
Sale price$325.00 Regular price$350.00

Can Am X3 Cold Air Intake kit - Aftermarket Assassins

Fits: All 2017-Up Can Am X3 Turbo Models

Part Type: Cold Air Intake

Part Brand: Aftermarket Assassins



  • Huge horsepower gains of 6-10 horsepower depending on tune level
  • Blue Donaldson high filtration filter & pre filter  **R2C filter is pictured but not actually what is included**
  • Full 3" aluminum tube delivers maximum airflow to the turbocharger
  • Easy to check and service your air filter
  • Factory black intake cover fits nicely over the filter to keep water and debris out
  • This intake kit does leave the clutch breathers somewhat exposed.  This only increases airflow to those, but please use with caution if riding extremely muddy conditions as it is slightly possible for debris to enter.  This is more for riders who don't like to play in water on purpose.  Our stock airbox intake would be the choice for those who ride in more wet conditions.
  •  Made at the AA Facility in the USA


Aftermarket Assassins has developed this intake kit to provide the best performance possible, while having the best air filtration. Many other intake systems use filters that do not filter anywhere near what our intake kit does. This is important on a turbocharged engine as you are drawing in a HUGE amount of air. Dust will shorten the life of the motor/turbocharger. Our full 3” tube will allow for maximum flow to your turbo, knowing you are getting every horsepower available from the intake side of your motor. We also don’t like the fact that the factory airbox is in the wheel well. The RZR’s played this game for a long time, and somehow dust seems to find its way in. Above the bed is hands down the best way to go. This filter is also much easier to service and keep an eye on. 

This intake does not use the factory vent for the clutch covers. We have thousands of miles on this intake in the dunes, muddy trails.. ect. While we don’t recommend this intake if you are a big mud rider, it has not proven to be any sort of issue in normal riding. Having no frog skin style vents in place over the clutch covers actually decreases belt temps as well.

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Can Am X3 Cold Air Intake kit - Aftermarket Assassins
Can Am X3 Cold Air Intake kit - Aftermarket Assassins Sale price$325.00 Regular price$350.00