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RZR Turbo Blow Off Valve

SKU: 112-1002
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RZR Turbo Blow Off Valve

Fits: Fits 2016-21 XP Turbo Models Including Turbo S & 2020-2022 Pro XP/Turbo R

Product Type: Blow Off Valve

Product Brand: Aftermarket Assassins

Every RZR Turbo should have a good aftermarket blow off valve!  The stock BOV (Often called a diverter valve) is made of plastic and is known to warp.  Warping can cause this to leak boost pressure which means a loss in horsepower.  This happens especially on higher boost machines, but also can happen with stock boost levels.   We set this BOV up just for the XP turbo to make sure no boost is leaked on higher boost machines, and that the valve blows off under lower boost pressure. Plus, it will make the traditional BOV sound that you love!
  • Assembled in the USA!  Many competitors may offer other BOV's that look similar, but we hand build each one here at AA to make sure they hold up to off road abuse, and last as long as possible.
  • Will not warp like the plastic factory BOV
  • Prevents boost pressure and horsepower loss
  • Made from billet aluminum
  • Anodized black
  • Metal seal (no O-ring) ensures proper seal and no boost leak like cheaper valves
  • Set up & extensively tested to have the correct spring pressure and pop off pressure for the XPT
  • Switch between that blow off valve sound and stock sound in just minutes
  • Optional high quality filter available for those wanting to run this open as a blow off valve.  This filter is not necessary as positive pressure only comes out of the valve, but it is a peace of mind that you are keeping every spec of dirt out.  
  • Our valves are purchased as parts and we assemble them here with modifications.  You may see others offering similar valves, but they are not created equal!
  • Installs easily just like factory (Cut off the factory clamps, remove the factory valve, Install the new valve & clamps, tighten clamps)
  • Wanting that BOV sound?  You can easily plug your hose returning the valve to the intake tube with a 1" plug which is supplied.  This will give you that sound and allow you to switch back to the factory "diverter valve" routing if riding in muddy/wet conditions.
  • Why use this style instead of a true blow off valve?  Well.... they do the exact same thing.  For off road, the diverter valve is much more sheltered from dirt and debris as it only has 1 exit port.  Traditional blow off valves have many ports, and are much more likely to get dirt inside of them.  This valve also sounds the same as a traditional blow off valve.
  • Image clarification:  BOV filter is now the carbon fiber looking filter, not the red one.  

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    rzr turbo blow off valve
    RZR Turbo Blow Off Valve Sale price$125.00 Regular price$150.00