Assault Industries UTV Roofs

    Explore the unparalleled collection of Assault Industries roofs at Revolution Off-Road, where we curate the most rugged and reliable accessories for your off-road adventures. Our selection of Assault Industries roofs is specifically designed to maximize protection, comfort, and style while you conquer trails and tackle the harshest of terrains. Built with sturdy, lightweight materials and equipped with innovative features, these roofs will fortify your off-road vehicle against the relentless sun, rain, and flying debris.

    In our catalog, you will find roofs constructed from resilient aluminum and polycarbonate, fitted with sunroofs and tinted layers to offer the best of both worlds—an open-cab feel and vital UV ray protection. Also, every roof is designed to fit seamlessly with your vehicle, enhancing its overall aesthetics while maintaining practical functionality. With the perfect blend of style and performance, our collection of Assault Industries roofs turns your vehicle into an intimidating powerhouse on any trail. Upgrade your ride with us today and embrace the Revolution Off-Road spirit of endurance, freedom, and rebellion on your next off-road expedition.