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5150 Whips Day Time Whips (Pair)

SKU: WH-1404L x 2
Sale price$130.00
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5150 Whips 1/2" Thick Day Whips (Pair)  

This set of Day Whips from 5150 are exactly what you need to compliment your LED 5150 Whips.  With these, if you already have a set of 5150 Whips you can drop these right into your existing magnetic 5150 bases! These come with a nice 5150 Whip flag on them as well. Instead of having a bunch of different mounts on the back and top of your machine, use these combined with 5150 LED whips and be able to use the same bases for both. 


  • Available in 4 and 6 foot lengths from 5150 Whips 
  • Each 5150 Day Whip comes with a high quality flag
  • Magnetic base included with every 5150 Whips Day Whip 
  • Easy to use with 187 Style 5150 Whips 
  • Enjoy the flexibility of the Day Whips from 5150 with their interchangeable magnets, allowing you to fit them to your existing 187 Style 5150 Whips.
  • High quality flags are included with each whip, making sure your vehicle looks great no matter where it goes.
  • Available in both 4 and 6-foot lengths for maximum customization options.
  • Crafted using durable materials to make sure that they can stand up to the toughest conditions.
  • Combine them with LED 5150 Whips for a clean, organized look while still maintaining top performance.
UTV flag
5150 Whips Day Time Whips (Pair) Sale price$130.00