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RZR Turbo S Dynamix Limit Strap Kit

SKU: 810-1055-010
Sale price$269.95 Regular price$299.00

RZR Turbo S Dynamix Limit Strap Kit

Fits: 2018-2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S Dynamix Model

Product Type: Limit Strap Kit

Product Brand: Shock Therapy

Adjustable limit strap kit for the FRONT and REAR of the XP Turbo S

At long last, a remedy for the notorious front end CLUNK of the XP Turbo S! It's common knowledge that with full extension, shocks can cause an obnoxious clunk that feels like someone is striking your chassis. If you are rocking aftermarket tires and wheels which tend to be heavier than usual, this irritating noise only intensifies. Even though most UTVs come with internally-fitted shocks that are set to the factory wheel and tire weight, they cannot handle any changes in your system. As a result, it is now normal for UTV owners to experience front end clunks due to these limitations.Well, not any more. Our new limit strap kit stops the front end clunk instantly. Limit straps have been used in racing for decades. Trophy trucks and other big off road racing classes have considered them a must forever and so should you.

Some of the benefits with our limit strap kits are:


PATENTED, billet aluminum, laser engraved, upper strap mounts

Adjustable, tight clearance clevis system allowing you to adjust the strap length perfectly

Quad layered straps for the best strength and longevity

PATENTED, tether system that locates the strap next to the shock at full compression

Accurate sized holes in the strap ends to match the metric hardware in your car

Stainless steel spacers that don't rust or flex like aluminum spacers can

Grade 8 hardware with pinch nuts

Mounting system with the least leverage on the strap

Less strap stretch and longer strap life

Added life for your CVs and Axles and STOPS ALL EXTENSION CLUNKING!


    The best fix for your front end noise is here. Limit straps are standard issue for racers and now they should be for YOU too!


We do not offer a kit for the rear shocks yet. The reason is the rear shocks are larger in diameter and have no extension clunk issues. If you would like a set for the rear anyway we will be offering them soon. We just want you to know that they are not really needed.


Limit straps are a wearing item just like brake pads. They have a lifespan and will need to be replaced once they are worn out. Although they may last longer than your UTV, they are not guaranteed for life.

RZR Turbo S Dynamix Limit Strap Kit - Revolution Off-Road
RZR Turbo S Dynamix Limit Strap Kit Sale price$269.95 Regular price$299.00