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EFX Gripper R/T Utv Tires

SKU: RFTT281000R14E
Sale price$202.00

EFX Gripper R/T UTV Tire 

This UTV Tire Gripper R/T from EFX Tire has impressive features and performance, suitable for some of the most demanding off-road applications.

  1. Tested in harsh conditions: It's noteworthy that these tires were tested at the longest desert race in the U.S., the Vegas to Reno race organized by Best in The Desert (BITD). This demanding environment validates the durability and performance of these tires under extreme off-road conditions.

  2. 10-ply rating: The robust construction with a 10-ply rating ensures a high level of durability and resistance to damage, crucial for tires used in challenging off-road conditions.

  3. Lightweight design: Despite its durability, the tire has a relatively light weight (under 40lbs), which can contribute to better overall vehicle performance. Lighter tires can provide more responsive handling and improve fuel efficiency, without sacrificing strength or durability.

  4. Aggressive side lugs: These provide added protection against sidewall punctures, a common issue in off-road driving where sharp rocks or other obstacles can damage the tire. They enhance the tire's resilience without adding significant weight, ensuring that it remains competitive in high-speed, off-road racing.

  5. Preference among professionals and privateers: The fact that more professionals and private drivers are choosing Fuel Off-Road indicates that the brand is gaining recognition and trust in the market.

Overall, the 32” EFX Gripper R/T tire's robust design, rigorous testing, and approval from professional drivers suggest that it's a top-tier choice for demanding off-road applications.








utv tire efx tire gripper RT on white background
EFX Gripper R/T Utv Tires Sale price$202.00