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EFX Motovator UTV Tire

SKU: MV-27-95-14
Sale price$273.00

EFX MotoVator UTV Tire 

The MotoVator tire is a high-end UTV tire that offers a combination of advanced engineering, safety features, and superior performance, designed specifically for today's demanding UTV racing. Let's highlight the unique features:

  1. Developed for UTV Race Teams: The MotoVator is designed to handle the rough and demanding terrain that UTV racing teams frequently encounter, making it a strong option for competitive applications.

  2. True Radial, Steel Belted, and Puncture Resistant: The radial construction offers superior ride comfort and durability. The steel-belted design reinforces the tire's strength and puncture resistance, essential for high-speed races on hard-packed surfaces.

  3. Light Truck Engineering: By utilizing design principles from light truck tires, the MotoVator offers smooth and quiet ride quality, often desired in racing situations where focus and control are critical.

  4. Unique Center Tread Pattern: The large contact patch ensures immediate machine response when you accelerate, offering better control and traction.

  5. Elongated Shoulder Tread: This design improves cornering at both high and low speeds and reduces rolling resistance for increased overall performance.

  6. Cutting Edge Engineering and Improved Safety: The MotoVator boasts the latest in tire engineering, providing a safe and reliable option for competitive racing.

In conclusion, the MotoVator is a top-tier UTV tire designed to handle the rigors of UTV racing. With its advanced engineering and unique features like steel belting and a large contact patch, it seems to offer superior performance, making it a strong contender in the competitive UTV tire market.

utv tire efx tire motovator tread close up on white background
EFX Motovator UTV Tire Sale price$273.00