Why upgrade to a 4 point & 5 Point harnesses?

  • Safety. A good harness for your UTV will save your life. A lot of UTV's are equipped with the bare minimum automotive style seat belt. These aren't good enough! Do yourself and your passengers a favor and upgrade them with a 50 Caliber Racing Harness
  • Comfort. These are the most comfortable harnesses available. They feature a thick padding on the shoulder that fits comfortably on most people.
  • Options. With a bunch of different color options to choose from, you can make sure that your new 50 Caliber Racing Harness matches the look of your ride! Make your spouse and kids happy by letting them choose a color!
  • Quality. If you want a harness that is built well and has all the features to make you feel safe...this is it. The 50 Caliber Racing Harness is one of the highest quality seat belts on the market today.

50 Caliber Racing Harness Seat Belts

There's nothing more important than safety. These harnesses come with thick straps, quick release latching system, with sewn in pads and sternum strap. The 50 Caliber Racing Harness can be bolted in or wrap around your cage harness bar in the rear and comes with adjustable hardware for quick and easy installation. These are ideal for off road trucks, sand rails, UTV, racing, dune buggies, and any type of vehicle that you want to be safe in! Available in a wide range of colors to match any vehicle.

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4 Point & 5 Point

2 Inch or 3 Inch Harnesses

With 50 Caliber Harnesses, you get a choice between two sizes – 2 inch wide and 3 inch wide straps – both of which have been crafted for superior safety and stability. Ultimately, your decision comes down to personal preference and style – so pick whichever one allows you to feel the most secure and comfortable.

2 Inch 4 Point | 2 Inch 5 Point

3 Inch 4 Point | 3 Inch 5 Point

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Latch lock system with quick release pull strap

When safety and security are paramount, the Latch lock system with quick release feature ensures you can get in or out of your seat quickly - all whilst keeping you safe and snug.