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If you are like many other ATV enthusiasts, and are tired of these cheapo flag poles for these or other reasons, or you are just someone who is getting into the sport and wants to make sure that you start off doing it right, then we have something awesome to introduce to you too.

The 5150 Whip and accessories are the way to hold up your mandatory safety flag with style, and they fix all the problems that the wimpy, cheap flagpoles invite into our lives.

5150 Whips 187 Pair
5150 Whips | 187 LED Whips (Pair)
5150 whips black flag
5150 Whips flag comparison
5150 Whips | 187 LED Whips (Pair)
5150 Whips | 187 LED Whips (Pair)

5150 Whips | 187 LED Whips (Pair)

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In Utah there is a law that every OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) be equipped with an orange flag that stands at a minimum height of 8 feet off of the ground. For reference, that is also the height of most ceilings in the average living room. In addition to being eight feet off of the ground your safety flag also needs to be a foot and a half (18 inches) above the top of your helmet. That may seem like a pretty high standard to have, but if you consider that the more visible that you are from a distance the more likely someone will be able to avoid colliding into you, then it makes sense that you would want that flag to be where someone could see it. So, what do you stick it on? Many stores sell simple orange flags on slim, white sticks of plastic or fiberglass of varying lengths which do the job of getting your flag in the air. However, there are various downsides to these basic, cheap flag poles.


  • They break easily. Cheap prices generally mean cheap materials, and if you are a frequent OHV junkie you will likely be buying these flags again and again, and while the cost of one of these may not seem like much at the counter, the cost of constantly replacing them will add up over time.
  • They aren’t cool looking. Sounds silly, we know, but we also know that you know that you feel cool when you are off roading, and feeling cool starts with knowing that you look cool. These flags, they just aren’t, and it is a bit of a buzzkill.
  • They all look the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look out across the dunes and immediately pick out where your child, spouse or friends are? Unfortunately, with these flags there is little chance of that because, once again, they all look the same.

They don’t help at night. These flags are basically invisible in the dark, but rules are rules even after the sun goes down, and the rule that you have a whip tail flag doesn’t disappear just because the light has. This means that with one of these cheap flag poles you have to find to light it up, switch it with something that can be seen or say goodbye to the park with the sunset.

Visibility is actually limited. Sounds backwards, right, since their whole purpose is to get the flag in the air to increase your visibility, but that is exactly the point. These skinny sticks sole purpose is to hold up the flag, and thanks to their slimness, the pole itself becomes very hard to see from a distance. Depending on your terrain (hills, color of dirt and scenery), the weather (sunlight and wind, dust, etc) and even the other riders’ eyesight, these flag poles may actually do very little to announce your presence to others in the area.

5150 LED Whips

There is visibility and then there is 360° visibility with LED lights! The shafts of these whips are made from the same flexible and durable materials as the 5150 Day Whips, and have 5050 LED chips that are wrapped from base to tip around the whole exterior. Some of our competitors only put lights on half of their whips to alert those behind you, but we put ours all around. Additionally, our lights are wrapped in a tight coil so as to eliminate any gaps in the light. This means that you get more lights for your money than with our competitors, and, while our lights function best on a 12v coils, they are able to run for about four hours on a 9 volt battery with minimal loss in brightness thanks to their low level of power consumption.

At night, these lights are some of the brightest on the market, and easy to see. Additionally, should it be that you forget your 5150 Day Whips, this eye-catching setup glints as the sunlight reflects off of the glass of all the tiny lights making it easy to spot at any time of the day.

So you're lit up, and ready to roll out, but so is everyone else who was smart enough to get their own 5150 LED Whips. Not to worry, diversity is our specialty and all our 5150 LED whips are equipped to help you declare your presence with a color of your choice and stand out with colored LEDs!

5150 Hyper Whips

Do you have one favorite color that you want to shine brighter than the rest? Then you should check out the 5150 Whips Hyper Color Whip. These whips only have one color each, but they are crazy bright, and will shine that single color like a beacon from the top of any hill.

Check them out to see the color options! Or, if you want more variety in your colors, we have that too, in fact we have lots of it.

The remote-controlled option comes with twenty different available colors and 19 different modes.