Best Deal Guarantee!

At Revolution Off-Road, we guarantee that you will receive the best quality parts at the best price possible. We are so confident in our pricing and services that we will match any currently advertised retail price (excluding sales pricing) for identical products and parts.

If you find the same item, brand and MFG part number from any current website, advertisement, catalog or flyer, we offer here at Revolution Off-Road. Call us at 385-955-0766 to place your order so that we can verify and then match the current retail price. It’s really that simple!

Sales, special orders and clearence items are exempt from our price matching promise. All images must come from currently circulating verifiable ads, catalogs and/or website and will be verified by Revolution Off-Road to confirm the current pricing. All price matching supersedes all other promotional offers and on-sale pricing, and may not be combined with other offers.

Revolution Off-Road supports and follows Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). We will not match a competitor who advertises or sells a product where the manufacturer has set MAP.

Revolution Off-Road has the right to decline price matching and may revoke this offer with no notice at any time. If you have questions about our Price Match Guarantee, please contact us »