5150 Whips

5150 Whips 10 Foot 187 style 3-pin Single Extension

SKU: WH-2508


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5150 Whips 187 Style 3 Pin Extension Cable, 10 Foot Length 

This harness from 5150 Whips is designed for their 5150 Whips 187 style components. This will allow you to either repair / replace the 5150 187 style extension that you already have or it will allow you to add extra length to your current 187 whip setup. 

Do you need this 5150 Whips 187 Style Extension? 

If you are needing to replace your current extension or if you are needing a bit of additional length, then yes! This is the 5150 extension that you need to finish or repair your current 5150 Whip extension. 

How hard is this to install? 

Extremely easy! 5150 has designed this to be a direct replacement for their 5150 Whips 3 pin cable. With 5150's easy to use "thread on thread off" style of connector makes these extremely easy to replace or extend your current 5150 Whips cable. 

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