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5150 Whips 187 LED Whip (Single)

SKU: WH-1872S
Sale price$165.00

5150 Whips 187 LED Whip (Single) 

If you are wanting the best LED Whip on the market, 5150 Whips are what you are looking for! These LED whips from 5150 Whip are hand made with the best and brightest LED's on the market. These super bright 5150 Whips are sure to impress all of your friends out on the trail, out at the dunes or just showing off in the garage. A signature benefit to these whips from 5150 Whips are their proprietory magnetic base mounts. These make it extremely fast and easy to put your 5150 whips on and off of your UTV. 5150 Whips 187 Style whips are the whips you need to stand out from the crowd. 

What do these 5150 Whips come with? 

These come with everything you need to be able to hook them up to your UTV.        

 - One Single 5150 187 Whip

 - 5150 signature magnetic base

 - 5150 Whips branded flag

 - wiring harness with Y splitter and 187 bluetooth controller

What features do these 5150 Whips have? 

 - Best in the business LED's from 5150 Whips 

 - 5150 Whips 187 have tons of modes to keep you entertained and seen! These include cascade, strobe, chase, just to name a few! 

 - 187 Whips are bluetooth controlled via the Bledim App 

 - 5150 Whip uses their 5150 exclusive magnetic base

What size 5150 187 Whips are available? 

2FT 187 LED Whips 

3FT 187 LED Whips 

4FT 187 LED Whips 

6FT 187 LED Whips 

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5150 whips single 187
5150 Whips 187 LED Whip (Single) Sale price$165.00