5150 Whips

5150 Whips 187 Whip Controller

SKU: WH-2507

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5150 Whips Replacement 187 Style Whip Controller 

Do you already have a set of 5150 Whips 187 whips and need a new controller? This is what you need!  

What does this come with? 

This comes with the brain box that controls your 5150 Whips 187 Style whips. It will come with a small length of wire that will connect to your power source and it will come with the connectors that you need to connect to your extension wires that run to your 187 Whips. 

What APP do I use for 5150 Whips 187 Style Whips? 

Easy! For this 187 Style controller you will need the Bledim App to control this 5150 Whip controller 

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