2FT HYPER Phat Karen LED Bluetooth AND Remote Whips (Pair) Rokit

$564.00 $599.00


For those of you that want to stand out above the rest with an unmatched LED whip this ones for you!  with an unrivaled 50% more LEDs than other brands our new Hyper line is for those that just cannot be outdone by anyone!

Our most controversial product to date. the PHAT KAREN whips, coming in at only 2FT tall and 1-3/4″ thick these light whips pack a massive punch! THESE DO NOT FLEX! MOUNT THEM BELOW YOUR CAGE (includes 2X Karen whips, controller, relay, fuse, Rocker switch,

 Backed by our Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defects

We do also offer a 50% off discount off a replacement set for for damage caused by user error

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