50 Caliber Racing 8 Way Fuse Block - Ring Terminals - LED Indicators

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Universal 8 Way Covered 12V Circuit Ring Terminal Fuse Box with LED Indicators and Accessories

Universal distribution block, with LED indicators for all circuits and opaque plastic cover. This fuse box is suitable for all kinds of automotive and marine applications, including 6V, 12V & 24V systems (maximum voltage 32V). Each fuse holder is designated a custom label for identification and to make fuse installation as easy as possible. The fuse box is also equipped with red LEDs that illuminate when a fuse is blown making it easy to identify blown fuses. Locking screws for ring terminals on output side.  Includes an assortment of blade fuses, sticker sheet of labels and mounting screws.

- 8 Way Blade Fuse Box
- Terminal Input: 100A 32V DC max
- Terminal Output: Locking Screws for Ring Terminals
- Input Bus Line Size: #4-6 AWG
- Output Terminal Line Size: #12-16 AWG
- Fuse Holder Size: Approx. 70mm x 85mm x 35mm
- Accepting Fuse Type: Standard Blade Fuse (ATO / ATC)

Kit Includes:
Fuses: 10A(x1), 15A(x1), 20A(x2), 30A(x2)
Blade Fuse Box Base
Clear Base Cover
Labeled Sticker Set
4 Screws

Perfect for Boats, Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, Hot Rods, UTVs, Construction, Farm Equipment and any other 12V system when adding electrical circuits.

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