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Aftermarket Assassins Primary Spring Polaris RZR XP Turbo Primary Spring

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Springs are for replacing your Aftermarket Assassins clutch kit springs or for the tuner who knows what spring they want.

Light Blue/Yellow 55-155: This is our standard spring in our XPT clutch kits, this has an engagement of 1800-2000 RPM in most cases

Light Blue/Green 70-155: This spring works great with slightly higher engagement around 2000-2100

Light Blue/Red  85-180: Engagement around 2100-2200 with a stiffer ending rate producing around 150 more peak RPM than the above springs ending in at 155 rate

Teal 90-225: This spring will normally engage around 2000-2200 RPM and will pick up around 200 RPM peak. This is a good spring for the dunes as well that is a little better for slower riding than our solid light blue. This normally picks up the RPM lost by the high load of the sand and paddle tires making it an easier choice to swap the spring rather than change weights when going from tires to paddles. This all depends on your tire to paddle size, weight, and terrain.... you may still need to adjust weights.

Solid Light Blue 110-250: This is our race spring with a higher engagement between 2500-2700 RPM in most cases. Peak RPM will go up about 200-300 RPM peak over the blue/yellow spring so make sure you can install another 2 magnets in your AA clutch arms when installing this spring. Many will install this spring for dune riding instead of changing weights as it may pick up enough RPM needed. This all depends on your tire to paddle size, weight, and terrain.... you may still need to adjust weights.

Unless advanced at clutch tuning we do not suggest running any springs without our clutch kit

Springs fit the RZR Turbo Primary Clutch 2016-2020 or our HD conversion clutch kit for the Pro XP/2021 RZR Turbo

Springs DO NOT fit the P90X primary found on Pro XP models or 2021 RZR Turbo

  • Rough engagement rates below with our AA clutch weights.  Engagement will vary depending on clutch weight design and overall arm weight
  • Measured at 1.965' & 1.059'
  • Choose your primary spring in the drop down

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