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Armory R1-Rack – Polaris RZR | Seizmik

SKU: 7106
Sale price$199.49
Part Number: 07106

Polaris RZR 1000xp 2 and 4 seat models (2014 – 18)
Polaris RZR Turbo 2 and 4 seat models* (2016 – 18)
* DOES NOT FIT the Polaris RZR 900S; 1000S; Turbo S

The Armory R1 Rack works in tandem with the Armory SST gun case to store and transport a weapon (requires one Armory SST case and one Armory R1 Rack). The design of the system positions the case over the rear roof line of the RZR. With the case locked in place on the rack, the gun is always pointed up and away for superior muzzle control.

The Armory SST case is easily installed or removed from the Armory R1 Rack without the need for tools. A durable, glass-filled nylon lever is large enough to easily operate with gloves or mittens, and once released, the case lifts right out. With the Armory R1 Rack attached to the vehicle, its stiff, rigid, and strong—staying securely attached to the vehicle no matter how aggressive the terrain gets.

Features include:

  • Rack holds 1 gun case (sold separately)
  • Heavy gauge steel frame holds gun cases steady under tough conditions
  • Spring loaded binding for quick and secure case load and release
  • Thick steel mounting plate installs quickly and easily
  • Designed specifically for the RZR with safety in mind—gun barrel is kept facing up and away from users

Armory R1-Rack Fitment Chart

Part #  Fitment
07106 Polaris RZR 1000XP and Turbo 2* (*Does not fit the Turbo S)

Armory X-Rack Fitment Chart

Part #  Fitment
07101 Full Size Ranger – works with Lock & Ride®
07102 Mid Size Ranger-works with Lock & Ride®, or drill and bolt in for Mid Size Gator, Pioneer 700, beds 44”- 48”†
07103 Kubota RTV X, beds 55”- 58”† – drill & bolt in
07104 Pioneer 1000, Pro Mule, Defender, beds 51.5”-55.5”† – drill & bolt in
07105 John Deere Full Size Gator – clamps attach to bed rails or drill and bolt in to steel beds
Armory R1-Rack – Polaris RZR | Seizmik Sale price$199.49