Billet Torsion Spring Retainer & Cage Plate Combo - 2018-2020 RS1/Turbo S | SandCraft

SKU: C18000112

$275.00 $300.00


SandCraft Upgraded internals for all Turbo S and RS1 Front Differentials.

Billet Torsion Retainer – The OEM plastic component has been overstressed causing failures. These have been completely redesigned and doubled the engagement surface areas. It now is Billet aluminum, with internal and external engagement properties that raises the bar in durability and dynamic loads. It is designed to be married with the Sandcraft “Cage Plate” only.

Cage Plate – Sandcraft boasts the never-seen before, completely redesigned cage plate. This all-new design by Sandcraft has tremendously increased the simple and combined radius load which can now be transferred in your machine's 4wd engagement. It is designed to be married with the Sandcraft “Billet Torsion Retainer” only.

2018-2020 RS1
2018-2020 RZR XP TURBO S

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