BoonDocker Clutch System for RZR-XPT & RS1 (adjustable)




The Boondocker Turbo Clutch Kit provides the springs and weights necessary for optimal performance on your turned up RZR XP Turbo (fits any factory turbo Polaris RZR including Turbo-S models). This clutch kit includes a primary spring, secondary spring, and adjustable clutch weights.


  • Optimal clutching for high performance RZR XP Turbos.
  • Appropriate for stock RWHP to 250 RWHP
  • Perfect for use with custom BoonDocker ECU tuning.
  • Fast, easy install.

Some vehicles break springs faster than others. Springs and belts are not returnable or refundable. There is no 'lifespan' guarantee on springs or belts.

  • Polaris RZR-XPT 
  • Polaris RZR RS1
How to load your weights (instruction table)

The table below references starting suggestions for your adjustable weights. The table is based on the Polaris RZR XPT (2017+). 2016 models will take approximately 2 less magnets per weights.

To load your weights, find your appropriate configuration between power level and tire size. The number references the number of magnets in each hole of each weight, loaded from heel (bushing side) to toe (tip). For example, if you are running 30' sand tires with a Dominator pump gas, you would load 1-2-2-1, meaning 1 magnet in the first slot on the bushing side of the weight, then 2 magnets in the next hole, then 2 magnets in the next hole, and finally 1 magnet in the hole at the tip of the weight.

Tire Size Stock Tuner Pump Gas Tuner Av/Race Dominator Pump Gas Dominator Av/Race
28' Dirt Tires 2210 2211 2211 2221 2322
30' Dirt Tires 2200 2210 2211 1221 2222
32' Dirt Tires 2200 2210 2211 1221 2222
28' Sand Tires 2200 2210 2210 2221 2332
30' Sand Tires 2200 2200 2210 1221 2222
32' Sand Tires 2200 2200 2210 1221 2222

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