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5150 Whips Camp Locator

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5150 Whips 187 Camp Locator 

We have all been to the dunes on a busy weekend and driven around longer than we would like to find our camp! This Camp Locator from 5150 Whips will help you easily find your campground and make it easy for your friends to find you too. Just like 5150's 187 Whips that you have on your machine, these are widely customizable! These have all of the same features as your 187 Whips, including all of the colors, cascading features, strobe functions and tons of modes! Mount this 187 Style Camp Locator to the top of your trailer and always find your way back in style. Or, tell your friends to look for the flashing pink camp locator that is on top of your trailer! 

Why do I need this? 

We have all driven around the dunes looking for your camp. With this 5150 Whips Camp Locator you will be able to turn this on before you leave camp, set the 187 controller to your favorite setting and be able to navigate your way back to camp! 

Is this hard to install? 

Not at all! This comes with a 187 Style controller from 5150 Whips and a long length of harness to be able to run it to a power source on your trailer. 

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