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MTS Dual Rate Spring Kit For Can-Am X3 XRC RR  

Get set for a ride like you've never experienced before with a complete dual rate spring kit from MTS Offroad! MTS's custom spring kit adjusts to your exact needs, ensuring that each bump and vibration is dampened - transforming any machine into a sleek, powerful powerhouse. This full dual rate spring kit from MTS Offroad will also get you your ride height back, no more saggy springs! No more G-outs or uncomfortable jolts; just smooth sailing with this unique upgrade! Once purchased, let the experts at MTS customize everything according to your personal preferences: it’s truly tailored entirely around you.

What does this kit include? 

  • 2 Front MTS Tender Springs 
  • 2 Front MTS Main Springs 
  • 2 Front MTS Tender Springs 
  • 2 Rear MTS Main Springs 

Are these springs setup specifically for my machine? 

YES! After you purchase this MTS Offroad Dual Rate spring kit, we will call you to get all of the details about your machine. We will need to know how much you and your passengers weigh, what modifications you have done, what kind of riding you do and anything else that is relative to how your machine will rid.e 

These MTS Offroad Spring Kits are designed to match your machine, your driving style and your terrain preferences. Springs are 100% American made and are of the highest quality materials. Kits shown may vary from actual products received based on information provided by customer.

Color: Silver

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