Control Manifold

SKU: AGM-CM-1100


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The Control Manifold is the operations center of any Jacking System.

All directional control and fluid checking is done here. The manifold's housing is machined out of 6061 aluminum, pocketed and shaped to reduce weight, then hard anodized for strength and visibility.

This compact, lightweight designs gives you the flexibility to mount it in ways other larger units could not. Further improving ergonomics in the cab of your vehicle. Can be used in conjunction with AGM Dakar Series Jack or as a stand alone unit to control a system of your own design.

Comes in 2 options -

Manual - for those that want a simplicity controller and believe that simplicity equates to reliability. 

Solenoid Controlled - for those that do not want the manifold in the cab with them or would prefer to control their system via electrical switch


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