Aftermarket Assassins Tuned Power Vision For 2018-2021 Can Am Maverick X3 172HP Base Model

Aftermarket Assassins Tuned Power Vision For 2018-2021 Can Am Maverick X3 172HP Base Model


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Tuner will work on 2018-2021 model X3 R 172HP. 

If you are looking for the most badass custom tunes that are easily loaded to your X3 from the Dynojet Powervision, you've found them!  AA's performance tunes are offered loaded directly on the Powervision ECU tuner.  This versatile tuner allows our tunes to easily be uploaded to your factory ECU, switch between tunes, and even return to stock.  The PV is also a great gauge showing boost, timing and much more. You can leave the Powervision hooked up for gauges, or completely remove it after flashing your ECU. The Powervision also has excellent data logging capabilities if you download the software, and use your laptop.  You can even view trouble codes and erase them on the fly.  We are highly experienced in ECU tuning and it shows. Our tunes are simply set up correctly, and everyone with a Powervision should have these tunes! They are also easily labeled and will show horsepower gains with supporting mods such as exhaust and clutching. These tunes modify all the necessary maps to create big horsepower while still maintaining a reliable and safe X3.  Each tune is built specifically for your Powervision allowing us to change various things like rev limit or fan temp if needed. 

  • Tuner will work on 2018-2021 model X3 R 172HP.  The RR models use a new ECU type, but we have not yet seen this ECU be adapted on the R models, so we are currently able to tune the 2021 R.
  • Gains shown and listed are for 2018+ 172hp base power (139 RWHP)
  • The 172HP Base Maverick X3 is a great machine with good power from the factory, but whey stop there?  This 3 cylinder turbocharged motor has so much more potential!  After many hours testing on the dyno, and even more testing in the real world, we have what we believe to be the best tunes on the market for the 2018+ X3, or 2017 models with the upgraded fuel pump.  We modify many parameters and spent a TON of time fixing a few issues we saw from the factory when cranking up the boost.  Read below for more tune details.
  • Big horsepower and torque gains depending on the level of tune desired, and supporting modifications.
  • Not just dyno tested! We are avid riders and like the factory, a ton of the testing is done in the field to make sure you are getting 110%.  With data logging capabilities you can't get any better testing than real world.  Often times we can make significant changes to further increase power, drivability, and feel of the machine that can never be done on the dyno. We tune to max power for the fuel & supporting mods.  You won't find more power no matter what others claim.  We also have a longer history than nearly all competitors of tuning CVT transmission vehicles with turbochargers.
  • Wicked throttle and turbo response (for sport mode)
  • Throttle by wire limitations disabled
  • Torque calculations set correctly to ensure the most performance at all times
  • Fuel tables modified to gain low end punch and safe yet powerful air/fuel ratios
  • Get rid of the lean punch!  The factory runs these things stupid lean when getting on boost and we fix that.
  • Boost tables properly modified for the fuel & modifications along with lightning quick turbo spool
  • Timing tables modified for best power per tune
  • Safety parameters to protect your motor and turbocharger are still in place
  • Speed limiters removed in low & high
  • 2 foot limiters removed
  • Start in any gear
  • Rev limit raised from 8300 to a safe 9000 RPM
  • Powervision flash tuner reprograms your ECU in roughly 8-10 minutes per flash
  • Easily installs by plugging into your diagnostic port
  • Easily return back to stock, switch tunes, or upgrade tunes at any time
  • A great gauge (see live boost and more) and data logging device
  • See our Powervision gauge mount HERE
  • Our level 1 tune is designed for a completely stock X3 on 91 octane or better.  This tune runs an average of 16-16.5 PSI of boost and is a very safe tune to run on even 91 oxy/ethanol fuel.  Gains are right around 13-15 HP to the wheels.  We found many competitors only offer a max pump gas tune and that simply does not work as well without having a good 91 non-ethanol or 93 octane fuel.  If you run into this, your safety circuits will pull timing based on DET and can even go into a partial limp mode dropping you down to below stock boost levels. This is a great tune to have loaded on the tuner for such event that you get bad fuel.. it still rips, but won't push things as much. This tune absolutely tears on 16 PSI, and just keeps pulling all day long.  It works well with a 100% factory machine or with a slip-on exhaust, cat delete, full exhaust, and/or an intake kit.  The stock waste gate spring pressure of 7-8 PSI is good for 2018+ Models. 2017 models with 18 fuel pumps should adjust 2-3 turns.
  •  Our level 2 tune is again designed for 91-93 octane and is a max tune on the stock exhaust. This tune is absolutely nuts for being able to run on a bone stock X3..  Boost comes on hard and keeps pulling like an animal.  Peak boost is around 17-18 PSI, and settles down to roughly 16-17 PSI.  We spent a huge amount of time tuning and reviewing logs on pump gas to squeeze everything possible on 91 pump gas, and this is it. You simply can't find a more powerful tune on a stock X3 172 base. This tune will work even better with an exhaust like our 3" full system. An intake kit like ours is HIGHLY recommended.  Clutching is not needed but also recommended.  The stock waste gate spring pressure of 7-8 PSI is good for 2018+ Models. 2017 models with 18 fuel pumps should adjust 2-3 turns.
  •  Our level 3 tune puts the hammer down on 91-93 octane.  Like our level 2, this tune simply rips on pump gas but requires a full exhaust like our 3" system to run 91 octane as well as a high flow intake.  If you run 93 octane (or boost your 91 to 93) you can run this tune on the factory exhaust (however you'll leave some power on the table). It will peak around 18-19 PSI and sustain around 17-17.5 PSI.... half a pound of boost higher than level 2.  This is a big 23-25 HP gain over factory. This tune requires a high flow intake kit like ours. Clutching is recommended. We recommend shortening your waste gate rode by 1 turn with this tune. 2017 models with 18 fuel pumps should adjust 2-3 turns.
  • Level 4 adds a bit of race fuel to the mix!   This tune is designed for 98-100 octane (will run on UTV 96) and was developed using one can of VP Octanium Unleaded to a tank of fuel.  Mixing other race fuel with the tune to get 100 octane output would work great, just keep in mind leaded fuels can take out O2 sensors when running leaded fuel consistently. This tune runs around 18-18.5 PSI and produce 175 RWHP and is extremely fast. 2018 models adjust your wastegate 2 turns shorter. 2017 models with 18 fuel pumps should adjust 4-5 turns.  Crack pressure should be 9 PSI.  Intake and exhaust are required for this tune, clutching is recommended.
  •  Level 4AV is the same as the level 4 tune but designed to run 100 LL AV gas found at your local airport.  This fuel has a different specific gravity with the oxygenation and other characteristics.  Running a tune not meant for this fuel can make it act lean and therefor you will not get the full power and potential from the fuel.  This tune modifies fuel tables to be able to run 100 LL AV gas and reap all the benefits.  
  • Level 5 Kill mode is here!  This tune is developed for 110 Leaded, or MS109 fuel (or better).  This tune is an absolute riot and will leave others in the dust.  We throw down a huge 185-190 RWHP with this tune at 19-20 PSI of boost, with a wicked timing curve for the big octane fuel.  This one will throw you back in the seat as soon as you get on the throttle, and keep pulling for days!  Hands down, this is the highest horsepower tune possible on the factory turbo/waste gate & factory injectors.  This tune requires an exhaust system, high flow intake, and clutching. 2018 models adjust your waste gate 5 turns shorter. 2017 models with 18 fuel pumps should adjust 7-8 turns.  Crack pressure should be 10-12psi.
  • Level 6 Kill mode squared is running on corn!  This E85 tune packs as much if not more punch than the level 5 tune but must be used with our big injectors.  This tune is an absolute riot and will leave others in the dust.  We throw down a huge 185-190 RWHP with this tune at 19-20 PSI of boost, with a wicked timing curve for the cool burning E85.  This one will throw you back in the seat as soon as you get on the throttle, and keep pulling for days!  Hands down, this is the highest horsepower tune possible on the factory turbo/waste gate.  This tune requires an exhaust system, high flow intake, clutching & the wastegate turned in (shorter) so only 7-8 turns with a crack pressure of 10-12 PSI.  
  •  How to:  Waste Gate Adjustment 
  • All our gas tunes are available on our large injectors, so there is no need to switch.  The only reason to go big injector is if you plan on running E85.  If you don't plan on running E85, just stick with the factory injectors.
  • Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output. AA tunes do a better job of making sure you reach these levels as the factory tunes are overly safe.
  • Why AA tunes over others?  We have been tuning UTV's with CVT clutches for a long time, longer than almost anyone in our field going back to the 800 RZR.  Tuning a CVT vehicle properly is not an easy task as you have so many variables at one time.  We spend the time to wheel dyno(with actual UTV tires) correctly per modification, and have advanced ECU calibration and clutching knowledge to do so. Every change in horsepower can result in us changing clutching several times. We also develop most of our supporting mods so we know everything works correctly, and build parts to fit the vehicles needs.  Lastly and honestly the most important; we then back up our results with real world data logging on local trails and our facility on 110 acres.  It's this combination that truly makes the difference and why AA normally has a faster vehicle with the same or less rated tune horsepower.
  • PV3 quick install video & setup to make sure you are running correctly:  PV3 Can Am Video
  • Get ready to hang on, your X3 is about to transform!

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