L&W Fab

Direct Bolt Lower Only Radius Rods XP1000 L&W Fab

$275.00 $549.00


This listing is for Direct Bolt high clearance lower radius rods only. This radius rod is super strong and makes for an extremely easy install! With its fixed end design there is no adjustment needed! Just unbolt your original radius rods and bolt these in place! 

Made from 6061 Aluminum

This listing is for 1000/Turbo models only.

This is not the listing for Turbo S. 

If your year model fall in the mid 2017 range, you can determine your bolt size by the socket size. If the socket is 15mm, then you will need a 10mm bolt. If it is a 18mm, then you will need the 12mm bolt. 

Includes all spacers needed for install. 

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