Diablo High-Performance Intercooler for CanAm X3




AVAILABLE NOW!  For the CanAm X3 enthusaist that demands the highest performance, the BoonDocker Diablo High-Performance Intercooler may be considered excessive by some, but we say it's necessary!



We’re tired of hot air. So, when we set out to design a new intercooler, we wanted to make sure it is capable of excessive cooling. We started with a core, rated for 375HP. This is accomplished with a cooling surface-area that is 291% more than the OEM intercooler, meaning more cooling surface to lower charge-air temperatures. Additionally, the flow is 213% higher than the OEM intercooler, meaning  a higher volume of air can move across the cooling surface. With excessive capacity, we can be sure that we’re able to squeeze every ounce of power from the CanAm® X3. Sold separately, or as part of the Dominator Diablo kit, the BD Diablo High-Performance Intercooler is the perfect addition to any CanAm® X3!

  • 2017-2019 Can Am X3

does NOT fit the 2020 RR

  • Intercooler core
  • Mounting bracketry
Suggested Upgrades

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