Shock Therapy

Dual Rate Spring Kit (DRS) 2019 Honda Talon 1000X Shock Therapy

SKU: 100-6006-04

$649.95 $699.00


Looking for a HUGE improvement over the factory ride quality? We've got the cure! All Shock Therapy springs are manufactured here in the USA and custom tailored to your unit's specifics, we take into account; driver weight, vehicle accessories/gear, riding style, etc. All of this helps us to build the perfect kit for your application. 


Some of the typical issues our customers have expressed with the ride quality of their Honda 1000X are, harsh ride, stiffness in chop and chatter and bucking in the rear. Our spring kit is designed with these items in mind. We can cure a huge amount of these with just springs but keep in mind the pinnacle of performance in the 1000X would include internal shock mods to go with your new spring kit. If you decide to do our RIS (ride improvement system) in the future it is designed to work with our dual rate spring kit so you don't have to buy new springs when you take the next step


Some of the benefits of our Dual ate spring kit:

  • Increased ride height (average 1" to 2")
  • Greatly improved bottom out resistance
  • Much more smooth ride over chop/chatter
  • Greatly reduced rear end bucking

The Dual Rate Spring kit Includes:

  • 4 Upper Springs
  • 4 Lower Spring
  • 4 Patented Silent Cross Over Rings (2 Front, 2 Rear)


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