Shock Therapy

Dual Rate Spring Kit (DRS) RZR 800 - 4 Seat Shock Therapy

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Our dual rate spring (DRS) kits are here! Rigorously tested and perfected over the past few months, our DRS kit for the RZR 800 incredible. Our springs are made in the USA from the highest grade CrSi material (which is more expensive than the other springs but are exactly the intended spring rate every time and they don’t fade) and our patented “Silent” cross over rings. This DRS system will give you a smoother more plush ride than stock through the first 3-7 inches of travel while at the same time give you more bump stage and bottom out resistance in the biggest hits and jump landings. It also eliminates the coil bound upper rear spring and uses a full length spring that is not bound. Since our cross over rings are adjustable, you can tune into your suspension the point at which the system gets stiffer. This allows you to keep it more plush longer or adjust the cross over lower and make it stiffer right away for tight corner trails and short course races. Adjustability is a beautiful thing and can give you the best of both worlds!

Things you can expect:
1. smoother and plush in small bumps
2. less bottoming out in the big hits
3. less nose diving
4. less front end dive under corner braking
5. less body roll
6. adjustability for different terrain and track conditions
7. no noise like the factory style cross over rings give
8. full length 2.5″ springs, no coil binding



Don’t be fooled. Just because there are two springs per shock does not make it a Dual Rate system. You need a cross over ring to bring in the higher spring rate. With out a cross over ring you simply have a “dual spring” system that is a “single spring rate” throughout the range of travel. For more information visit the download section for more information on how a dual rate spring system functions.


*All of our proprietary springs are made in the USA from the highest quality CrSi materials. This means they are always the exact rate we want and don’t fade or break. They cost more when made from this material but are absolutely worth it when it comes to function and longevity. They are also warrantied for life!*** ***POWDER COATING SPRINGS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY*****

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