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DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit | Can-Am X3

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 DynoJet Belt Temp Sensor Kit For CanAm X3 

Take control of your belt temperature monitoring with the state-of-the-art Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit. Designed to be sleek, unintrusive, and durable, this innovative system simplifies the process of keeping a watchful eye on your CVT system's status.

Dynojet's ingenious engineering offers a straightforward plug-and-play solution that integrates the belt temperature measurement directly onto your Power Vision 3 device. With this kit, you can eliminate the need for extra gauges and complicated wire tapping. Just connect the provided cables and select the temperature channel on your Power Vision 3 device's configurable gauges.

The sensor kit not only allows real-time monitoring but also logs the temperature for later review, enabling a comprehensive analysis after each ride. Please note that this kit interfaces exclusively with the Power Vision 3 to add the temperature channel onto the display.

Key Features: • Sleek and unintrusive design that blends seamlessly into your vehicle setup. • Facilitates real-time monitoring of belt temperatures to prevent premature belt degradation due to excessive heat. • Constructed with durable aluminum housing to withstand harsh conditions. • Provides simple plug-and-play connections with high-quality connectors, eliminating the need for wire tapping.

Experience the convenience of efficient temperature monitoring with the Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit. Stay informed, safeguard your system, and extend your belt life.


Check out the install instructions HERE 

DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit | Can-Am X3
DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit | Can-Am X3 Sale price$308.99 Regular price$350.00