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DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit | Can-Am Maverick / Commander / Defender

SKU: 96080002
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DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit For Canam Maverick / Commander / Defender 

Designed with innovation at the forefront, this sleek device ensures you're always in the know when it comes to the status of your Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system.

The Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit makes monitoring your belt temperature a breeze. Its plug-and-play design allows for easy integration with your Power Vision 3 device, making it a selectable gauge channel. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing extra gauges, hunting for gauge space, or tapping wires for power. With the Dynojet kit, all you need to do is connect the supplied cables and select the temperature channel on your Power Vision 3 device's configurable gauges.

What's more, the Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit isn't just about real-time monitoring. Its intelligent design also allows for the temperature reading to be logged for later review, offering valuable insight into your ride's performance after a day on the trails. Please note that this kit only interfaces with the Power Vision 3 to add the temperature channel onto the display.

The kit boasts a sleek and unintrusive design, seamlessly fitting into your ride without detracting from its aesthetic appeal. It's also engineered to be easy to install, ensuring minimal downtime and more hours spent enjoying the open road.

The Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit also helps monitor belt temperatures, detecting excessive heat generation that could lead to premature belt degradation. This preventative measure could save you from costly repairs down the line, offering peace of mind every time you start the engine.

Enclosed in a durable aluminum housing, this sensor kit is built to withstand tough conditions. Its plug-and-play connections feature high-quality connectors, eliminating the need for wire tapping and ensuring a secure and stable connection.

In summary, the Dynojet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit offers a smart, reliable, and simple way to keep a close eye on your belt temperature. Its innovative design and robust features make it an excellent addition to any Power Vision 3 equipped ride. Stay informed, stay safe, and get the most out of every journey with Dynojet.


Fits: Can Am X3, Maverick, Defender

Product Type: Belt Temperature Sensor

Product Brand: DynoJet



Check out install instructions HERE 

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DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit | Can-Am Maverick / Commander / Defender Sale price$302.99 Regular price$360.00