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DynoJet Blow Off Valve Kit

SKU: 96030008
Sale price$176.99 Regular price$205.00

DynoJet Blow Off Valve For UTV's 

Elevate your UTV's performance beyond the ordinary with Dynojet’s UTV Blow Off Valve Kit. Don't let your vehicle be undermined by a weak factory valve that could leave you in a bind!

Our UTV Blow Off Valve surpasses stock versions in durability, thanks to its robust billet aluminum construction. We understand that every UTV has unique requirements, so we've made this valve adjustable to accommodate your specific setup. Once installed, your turbo can confidently manage the intense heat generated during high-performance drives.

The Dynojet UTV Blow Off Valve Kit is comprehensive and includes one blow off valve and one breather filter.

Take the first step towards superior performance and increased reliability with Dynojet’s UTV Blow Off Valve Kit. Ensure your turbo is equipped to handle the demands of every thrilling ride!


Check out the install instructions HERE 

dynojet blow off valve with filter on white background
DynoJet Blow Off Valve Kit Sale price$176.99 Regular price$205.00