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DynoJet Clutch Kit | Polaris RZR Pro XP / Turbo R

SKU: 19-DCK15
Sale price$334.99

DynoJet Clutch Kit For Polaris PRO XP & Turbo R 

Get the most out of your belt's lifespan and revamp your vehicle's performance with the Dynojet Clutch Kit, an essential upgrade for your Polaris RZR Pro XP or Turbo R. Each kit is equipped with specialized springs tailored to effortlessly navigate through diverse terrains — be it sand, mud, rock, or trail.

Once you become the proud owner of a Polaris RZR Pro XP or Turbo R, it's time to gear it up for the long haul. With our Dynojet Clutch Kit, you can infuse your UTV with the durability it needs to stand the test of time.

Installing our clutch kit is a game-changer. You'll instantly notice an improved driving experience from the very first spin, whether you're tearing through the sand dunes, maneuvering the dense woods, or simply enjoying a backyard ride. Dynojet’s clutch kits are the result of meticulous engineering, aimed to fortify your Polaris against the roughest trails and give you an edge over your competition on race day.

Each kit comes with adjustable arms designed for every kind of adventure you embark on and multiple spring options to cater to a variety of performance needs. In short, with a Dynojet Clutch Kit, you can unlock the full potential of your Polaris.

But the perks don't stop at performance enhancement. Dynojet’s clutch kits are a vital component for Polaris UTVs, especially when performance increases from stock settings or tire size changes can cause the drive belt to slip. This slippage can lead to excessive temperatures and a reduction in power. With our clutch kit, these issues are efficiently addressed and mitigated.

Further enhancing its value, the clutch kit seamlessly pairs with Dynojet’s top-tier EFI flash tuner, the Power Vision 3. Together, they form a formidable team that optimizes your vehicle's performance and durability.

Equip your Polaris RZR Pro XP or Turbo R with a Dynojet Clutch Kit and let it conquer the toughest terrains with unprecedented ease and efficiency. It's not just an upgrade — it's a transformative experience for your ride.

Don’t just accept stock limitations — rise above them with a Dynojet clutch kit for your Polaris RZR.

  • Engineered to deliver maximum output from Dynojet Power Vision performance tunes
  • Easily adjustable for sand, mud, rock, and trail applications
  • Increased top speed over stock
  • Efficient power transmission to the wheels
  • Cooler clutch temps yield increased belt life

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dynojet clutch kit with green spring, blue spring, three finger weights and circle weights for polaris pro xp and turbo r
DynoJet Clutch Kit | Polaris RZR Pro XP / Turbo R Sale price$334.99