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DynoJet Grip N Rip Kit | Polaris Ranger XP1000

SKU: 96080017
Sale price$494.99

DynoJet Grip N Ride Kit With Drive Belt & Clutch Kit 

Fits: Polaris Ranger Xp1000 

Part Type: Clutch Kit & Drive Belt 

Part Brand: DynoJet  

Key Features:

• Durably built belt suitable for high powered UTV / ATV usage

• Thoroughly tested to endure harsh environments

• Industry's first belt backed by an exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY

• High-tech polymer construction to withstand shock loads

• Structurally refined for maximum clutch sheave grip

• Designed to maximize output from Dynojet Power Vision 3 performance tunes

• Adjustable clutch kits for Sand, Mud, Rock, and Trail applications

• Provides increased top speed compared to stock

• More efficient power transmission to the wheels

• Reduced clutch temperatures for longer belt life

• Proudly made in the USA

Enhance the efficiency of your CVT system with Dynojet's Power Series belts, expertly designed to channel all your machine's power to the ground. Using cutting-edge technology, these belts are the best investment you can make for your UTV, especially since they come with an industry-exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY. To boost your UTV's versatility and durability, consider Dynojet's adjustable clutch kit.

Crafted in the USA, our Power Series Belts guarantee a superior grip and optimal power transfer due to the use of premium-grade compounds. Aimed at exceeding the performance of standard belts, these products are a testament to Dynojet's commitment to power generation and transmission. Our belts ensure that no power remains untapped within your CVT compartment.

Dynojet Clutch Kits are thoughtfully engineered from scratch, featuring fully adjustable arms with magnetic weights, harmonized springs, and a revamped helix when required. When used with a Power Vision performance tune, these clutch kits ensure smooth engagement and deliver power precisely when needed. All our kits are put to the test on our in-house Dynojet Dyno and field-tested under various conditions to assure peak performance.

dynojet drive belt and clutch kit for polaris ranger xp1000'
DynoJet Grip N Rip Kit | Polaris Ranger XP1000 Sale price$494.99