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DynoJet Intake Upgrade Kit | Can-Am Maverick X3 R 2017-2020

SKU: 96030020
Sale price$234.99

DynoJet Intake Upgrade Kit For CanAm X3 R 

Experience a whole new level of performance with Dynojet’s Intake Upgrade Kit, specifically designed for the 2017-2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 R. This innovative enhancement is engineered to optimize airflow and significantly enhance throttle response, as compared to standard, factory-issued components. Even more impressively, when combined with a Power Vision 3 tune, this upgrade can lead to a substantial gain of approximately 7 wheel horsepower.

One of the main highlights of this Intake Upgrade Kit is that it enlarges the air box entrance, effectively rectifying a significant limitation present in the stock configuration when additional boost is incorporated. The upgrade goes beyond merely increasing the size; it also focuses on enhancing the quality of the air flow.

The kit is designed to streamline and smooth the air entering the system, leading to superior performance from your Can-Am Maverick X3 R. By ensuring a steady, unobstructed flow of clean air, the kit helps your vehicle breathe better, facilitating optimal combustion and thus better engine performance.

So, whether you're tackling challenging off-road terrain or simply seeking to maximize your UTV's potential, this Intake Upgrade Kit can deliver the increased power and improved performance you're looking for. It represents a significant step up from stock performance and a valuable addition to any Can-Am Maverick X3 R, offering a highly effective solution for those seeking to get the very best from their vehicle.

Experience the Dynojet difference and give your Can-Am Maverick X3 R the breath of fresh air it deserves. With this Intake Upgrade Kit, you're not just enhancing your vehicle's performance - you're transforming it.

What is included in the DynoJet Intake Upgrade Kit?

  • 1 Intake Tube  
  • 1 Airbox Flange 
  • 1 Barb Fitting 
  • Hose Coupler 
  • 3 Clamps 

Check out the install instructions HERE

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dynojet intake kit for canam x3 r
DynoJet Intake Upgrade Kit | Can-Am Maverick X3 R 2017-2020 Sale price$234.99