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DynoJet Drive Belt | CanAm Maverick / Defender

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DynoJet Power Series Drive Belt For CanAm Maverick / Defender 

Specially designed and produced in the USA, our Power Series Belts ensure steadfast grip and maximum power transfer for an optimized driving experience.

Comprised of top-notch compounds, these belts are designed to surpass the durability and performance of stock belts. As a leading entity in power production and measurement, Dynojet prioritizes making sure that all power reaches the ground. Hence, our belts ensure there's no power left dormant in the CVT compartment.

Get this: our belt carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY! If the belt breaks, Dynojet will replace it. That's a promise. We recommend purchasing two belts so that, should one need to be sent in for warranty, you've got a spare on hand! Please note, the warranty does not cover burnt belts; the belt must be broken.

Boost the efficiency of your machine's CVT system with Dynojet’s Power Series belts. Skillfully engineered to transmit your machine's full power to the ground, these belts are constructed using advanced technology. Treat your Can-Am to the Power Series belt, the only belt in the industry with an exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Our Power Series belts are:

  • Engineered for high-powered UTV / ATV applications, designed to withstand the rigors of intense use.
  • Constructed with an advanced polymer that resists shock loads, enhancing durability and longevity.
  • Structurally optimized for maximum clutch sheave grip, delivering smooth and consistent power.
  • Made in the USA, ensuring premium quality and superior performance.

Experience the exceptional performance of a top-quality belt, backed by an industry-exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY. Choose Dynojet's Power Series Belts, and give your machine the power transmission it deserves.

  • Heavy-duty belt engineered for high powered UTV / ATV applications
  • Rigorously tested to withstand harsh environments
  • Top quality belt backed by an industry exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Advanced polymer construction that resists shock loads
  • Structurally optimized for maximum clutch sheeve grip
  • Made in the USA

Fits: Can Am Maverick & Defender

Product Type: Drive Belt

Product Brand: DynoJet

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dynojet power series belt for canam defender
DynoJet Drive Belt | CanAm Maverick / Defender Sale price$167.99 Regular price$199.00