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DynoJet Power Vision 3 Mount | Can-Am X3 2017-2019

SKU: 61300083
Sale price$48.99

DynoJet Power Vision 3 Mount Kit For 2017-2019 CanAm X3 

Specifically tailored for Can-Am X3 vehicles from 2017-2020 (excluding the 2020 RR model), this Power Vision 3 Mount is your solution to securely housing your tuning device. Once you've completed the tuning process of your UTV, you can keep your Power Vision 3 firmly in place within your dashboard with the help of this mount.

The mount is constructed from high-quality, robust aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, its bolted-on installation method guarantees a secure fit, completely eliminating any distracting vibrations. Instead of the hum of a loose device, all you'll hear is the purr of your UTV operating at peak performance.

Apart from securing your device, the mount is strategically designed to allow for optimal viewing while driving. You can quickly glance at your Power Vision 3's readouts without losing focus on the trail ahead. The bolted installation ensures not only a firm grip but also perfect positioning for easy accessibility and visibility.

This mount is an ideal companion to your Power Vision 3 fuel tuner, enhancing the overall user experience while adding a sleek aesthetic touch to your Can-Am X3's interior. It's an essential component for anyone looking to maximize the benefits of their Power Vision 3, bringing both functionality and style to your ride.

  • Secure bolted installation makes for perfect placement for viewing while driving
  • Fits Can-Am X3 vehicles from 2017-2020 (2020 RR model excluded)
  • The perfect complement to your Power Vision 3 fuel tuner
dynojet pv3 gauge mount for 2017-2019 canam x3
DynoJet Power Vision 3 Mount | Can-Am X3 2017-2019 Sale price$48.99