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EFX Motorally UTV Tire

SKU: MY-28-10-14
Sale price$248.00

EFX MotoRally UTV Tire 

The EFX MotoRally tire appears to be a high-performance desert tire that leverages extensive research and development efforts, as well as insights from off-road motoring, to deliver superior performance and grip. Let's delve into the features you mentioned:

  1. Engineered for Desert Performance: It sounds like the MotoRally is specifically designed to excel in desert conditions. This specialized focus indicates that it should offer excellent performance in sandy, rocky, and generally hard-packed environments that are typical of desert terrains.

  2. Based on MotoHammer Tire: Building upon the established design of the MotoHammer tire suggests that the MotoRally incorporates proven design elements while also introducing new features for enhanced performance.

  3. Upgraded Tread Design: A revised tread design with increased pattern spacing may provide better traction and handling in desert conditions. The design improvements can also help prevent sand and small rocks from getting stuck in the tread, thereby maintaining optimal traction.

  4. Improved Staggered Sidewall Lugs: This feature could potentially offer better grip when the vehicle is tilted or in situations where the sidewalls need to come into play, such as in deep sand or on rocky slopes.

  5. Hard Packed Desert Powerhouse: The MotoRally seems to excel in handling hard-packed desert terrains and dealing with rocky conditions, which are common challenges in desert environments.

In summary, the EFX MotoRally is a highly specialized desert tire that combines the proven features of the MotoHammer with new design enhancements to offer improved performance. Its focus on handling desert terrains and hard-packed, rocky conditions sets it apart as a dedicated choice for riders who frequently navigate these environments.


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EFX Motorally UTV Tire Sale price$248.00