Front Door Bags With Knee Pads PRO XP PRP

SKU: E97-210


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  • Conveniently located storage, built right into the PRO XP door.
  • Constructed with durable, puncture resistant vinyl coated nylon and marine-grade vinyl
  • Large storage pockets
  • Cushioned Knee Pad for when the ride gets rough.
  • NEW quiet, rubberized PRP zippers to reduce noise


Protect your knees and add storage to your factory doors with PRP’s Polaris PRO XP Door Bags with Knee Pad. These bags are great for holding onto the extra items you need while you ride. Conveniently located right next to you on the door (so you can still access them while strapped in). Made from durable, puncture resistant vinyl coated nylon and marine-grade vinyl that is water resistant. The lower storage compartment contains a thick foam cushion to protect your knees from banging against the door in rough terrain. Or if you want, remove this foam piece, and use the space as another storage compartment!

Each bag is designed to perfectly fit inside the factory PRO XP & XP4 doors – Simply remove the door skin, and reinstall it with the bag between the door frame and skin. Re-uses all factory hardware. Fits 2 Door and 4 Door Models (Front Doors only). Works both with or without the Polaris factory lower door inserts. Sold as a pair (Driver and Passenger).

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