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Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock UTV Wheel

SKU: D9171470A443
Sale price$275.00

Fuel Anza D917 BeadLock UTV Wheel 

Experience off-road adventure at its finest with the Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock UTV Wheel. These wheels are designed with an uncompromising blend of style and performance, making them the ideal choice for UTV enthusiasts seeking to improve both aesthetics and off-road capabilities.

The Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock UTV Wheel features an advanced beadlock design that ensures superb tire grip and superior performance under the most challenging terrains. The beadlock system tightly secures the tire bead to the wheel, preventing tire de-beading even at very low pressures. This innovative feature is a must-have for those who dare to venture into tough terrains and demand the highest levels of safety and performance.

Crafted with sturdy, one-piece cast aluminum, these wheels exhibit a robust 5-spoke design. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal of your UTV, but it also improves the wheel's strength and resilience, ensuring they can withstand the harsh conditions of off-road adventures.

The D917 Anza wheels are coated with a matte black finish that exudes a sense of rugged elegance. The beadlock ring is highlighted with a contrasting bolt design, providing a dynamic visual appeal. The iconic Fuel Off-Road logo prominently displayed on the center cap signifies your passion for high-quality, performance-driven gear.

The Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock UTV Wheel is available in various sizes to accommodate a broad range of UTV models. Equip your vehicle with these impressive and durable wheels, ready to conquer any off-road challenge that lies ahead.

utv wheel Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock on white background
Fuel Anza D917 Beadlock UTV Wheel Sale price$275.00