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Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock UTV Wheel

SKU: D9381470A544
Sale price$275.00

Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock UTV Wheel

Elevate your UTV's performance and style with the Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock UTV Wheel in Matte Black. These wheels are designed with the perfect fusion of advanced technology and rugged aesthetics, offering a high-performance upgrade for any UTV enthusiast.

The Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock Wheel boasts a unique beadlock design that ensures superior grip and excellent performance across all terrains. The beadlock system locks the tire bead to the wheel, reducing the risk of tire de-beading during off-road excursions, even at very low tire pressures. This innovative feature makes it a preferred choice for off-road enthusiasts who demand optimal safety and performance.

Built with sturdy one-piece cast aluminum, these wheels showcase a bold, multi-spoke design that enhances the strength of the wheel and adds an aggressive visual appeal to your UTV. The wheels are crafted to withstand rigorous usage and adverse environmental conditions, making them reliable companions for your off-road adventures.

Drenched in a deep matte black finish, the D938 Maverick wheels radiate a sense of rugged sophistication. The beadlock ring, punctuated by contrasting bolts, adds an additional layer of visual intrigue, while the Fuel Off-Road logo inscribed on the center cap signifies your alignment with top-quality performance equipment.

The Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock UTV Wheel is available in a wide range of sizes to fit various UTV models. Equip your vehicle with these resilient and stylish wheels, ready to conquer every off-road challenge you encounter.

Lug Bolt Patterns: 4x156, 4x137


utv wheel fuel wheels d938 beadlock wheel on white background
Fuel Maverick D938 Beadlock UTV Wheel Sale price$275.00