Injector Upgrade for CanAm X3



Category: Can-Am, Turbo Parts, X3

Type: Engine Parts

For the CanAm X3 enthusaist that demands the highest performance, BoonDocker 'Bigger Injectors' are the perfect way to make sure you're suppling the appropriate amounts of fuel for high-demand, high-performance applications

Big power takes a lot of fuel! We have the perfect solution. With our bigger injector kit, you can unlock up to 275 potential horsepower (PHP). Our bigger injectors are included in our Dominator Diablo, or available seperately! This option must be paired with a PV3 tuner (yes, we can use your existing PV3), and a tune.

The Big Injector Kit includes:

  • Three (3) replacement fuel injectors

Suggested Upgrades:

  • BoonDocker Dominator Turbo Upgrade
  • BoonDocker Diablo High-Performance Intercooler
  • BoonDocker High-Flow Air Intake
  • UHMW belt guard
  • For the FULL package, check out our Dominator Diablo package for CanAm X3