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Kawasaki Mule Pro Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit

Sale price$214.95
Turn Signal Kit:
If you want to drive your Kawasaki Mule Pro on the street, you need a SuperATV Plug and Play Turn Signal Kit. SuperATV Turn Signal Kits are easy to install. We designed this kit to fit your Mule Pro perfectly, so you don’t have to struggle with wires that are too short.

We also made sure to color code every wire and include easy connectors so even a novice can finish this installation in no time. From the taillights to the front indicators, to the dash cluster, it really is plug and play! 

This kit isn’t just about indicating your intentions, we also include a compact horn and dash mounted horn button so you can let other drivers know where you are. You’ll be well on your way to having a fully street legal machine with this kit installed.

Deluxe Plug and Play Kit
Get our deluxe plug-and-play turn signal kit to get easier installation and a more integrated look and feel. It uses dash-mounted rocker switches for the turn signal, hazards, and horn that all illuminate as expected. From end to end, it utilizes OEM style plugs to connect to your factory wire harness for ease and reliability. It also utilizes the OEM brake lights for the rear signals.

For the front signals, our Deluxe Kit includes four amber LED lights for maximum visibility. The completely sealed and water-resistant control box coincides with IP67 standards. That means you can still get wild because it works even when immersed in three feet of water for thirty minutes. The box mounts conveniently under the hood using the included mounting bracket. It’s easy, it keeps out water, and it’s durable. Our deluxe kit fits so well, your friends will wonder if it’s OEM. 

Note: Requirements for street legal UTVs vary from state to state. Check your local laws before driving on the road. 

Toggle Switch and Dash Horn Kit includes:
  • Dash-mounted turn signal toggle switch
  • 2 front LED turn signal lights
  • 2 rear LED turn signal lights
  • 1 LED dash cluster indicator
  • 1 compact horn w/ horn button
  • Completely assembled and color-coded wiring harness
  • 2 bullet connectors
  • 10 wire ties
Deluxe Plug and Play Kit includes:
  • Completely assembled plug-and-play wiring harness
  • Dash-mounted turn signal rocker switch w/ indicator lights
  • Hazard rocker switch
  • Horn switch
  • Compact horn
  • (4) Front LED turn signal lights— two for each corner
  • Utilizes factory brake lights for rear signals
  • Water resistant control box, wiring harness, and mounting bracket
  • Dielectric grease — to insulate and protect plugs
  • All mounting hardware
  • Plug and Play!
  • Required for road riding in most areas
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all wiring and connectors - pre-assembled and color-coded
  • Includes compact 105 dB horn
  • Signals are bright and visible from all angles
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro DX : 2016+
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro DXT : 2016+
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro FX : 2016+
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT : 2015+
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro FXR : 2018+
Kawasaki Mule Pro Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit
Kawasaki Mule Pro Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit Sale price$214.95