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MSA M41 Boxer UTV Wheel

SKU: M41-04710
Sale price$189.00

MSA M41 Boxer Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel 

Grab your goggles and hold onto your mustaches, because the MSA M41 Boxer Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel is here to bowl you over! Infusing durable materials, genius-level engineering, and a sprinkling of off-the-wall style, this wheel is the friendly neighborhood superhero of the UTV aftermarket accessories world.

Crafted from premium lightweight aluminum, the M41 Boxer is more than just tough—it's 'can crack walnuts with its hub' tough! Designed to withstand the rowdiest off-road shenanigans, its sturdy build ensures you can take on bumpy trails, steep inclines, and even an unexpected cow crossing, without breaking a sweat.

Visually, the M41 Boxer is a show-stealer with its striking eight-spoke design. These spokes zoom out from the center hub to the rim's edge, creating an illusion of speed even before you hit the gas. Bathed in a glossy black finish and jazzed up with machined silver accents, this wheel will make your UTV the talk of the town (and the off-road trails).

But the M41 Boxer isn’t just about muscles and good looks—it has the finesse of a ballroom dancer. Detailed micro-machining on the rim and center hub give it a classy touch, showing off its 'beauty and brains' persona.

And speaking of performance, the M41 Boxer doesn't clown around. Delivering superior handling, stability, and traction, it's all set to turn your off-road ventures into a series of epic escapades.

With the M41 Boxer Non-Beadlock Wheel, you're not just getting a wheel—you're adopting a lifestyle of fun, adventure, and just the right amount of goofiness. So, fasten your seat belts, unleash your inner daredevil, and let the MSA M41 Boxer Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel guide your off-road adventures!

The MSA M41 Boxer is engineered with a simple and clean concave design. This tough, eye-catching wheel also features milled accents on the wheel lip and on each of its eight spokes.

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MSA M41 Boxer UTV Wheel Sale price$189.00