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MSA M42 Bounty UTV Wheel

SKU: M42-04737
Sale price$178.00

MSA M42 Bounty Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel 

Woo-hoo! Brace yourselves because the MSA M42 Bounty Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel is here to upgrade your off-road escapades! Marrying hard-hitting materials, high-tech engineering, and some razzle-dazzle style, this wheel is the most thrilling roller coaster ride in the UTV aftermarket accessories park.

Built from elite lightweight aluminum, the M42 Bounty is not just sturdy—it's 'lifting weights while reading a book' sturdy! Its unyielding structure can power through whatever the trail throws your way, from sneaky pebbles to rough-and-tough terrains, ensuring your UTV's adventure-readiness at all times.

Aesthetically, the M42 Bounty is an absolute stunner! With its captivating eight-spoke design, the spokes radiate from the center hub right to the rim's edge, creating a vibrant starburst effect. Dressed in a handsome matte black finish and highlighted with machined silver accents, this wheel takes your UTV from 'cool ride' to 'jaw-dropping spectacle' in no time.

But wait, there's more! The M42 Bounty is more than just a pretty face—it's a head-turning, show-stopping masterpiece. Delicate micro-machining details on the rim and center hub lend an added layer of elegance to this wheel, combining rugged good looks with sophisticated charm.

And it doesn't just look good—the M42 Bounty delivers on performance too! Offering superior handling, rock-solid stability, and unbeatable traction, it turns every off-road trip into an adrenaline-pumping, heart-thumping experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the M42 Bounty Non-Beadlock Wheel and you're not just buying a wheel—you're signing up for a life of high-octane excitement! Fasten your seat belts, rev up your UTV, and let the MSA M42 Bounty Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel take you on a wild ride!

Featuring angled spokes and milled accents on the lip, the Bounty screams to be taken on an adventure. Be the envy of everyone on the trail with the Bounty from MSA Wheels.

MSA M42 Bounty Non-Beadlock UTV Wheel  on white background
MSA M42 Bounty UTV Wheel Sale price$178.00