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EFX Motovator R/T UTV Tire

SKU: MVR-32-95-15
Sale price$342.00

EFX MotoVator R/T UTV TIre 

The MotoVator R/T is a performance tire developed specifically for hard pack surfaces, with its design and testing performed by desert racers. Let's examine the highlighted features:

  1. Designed and Tested by Desert Racers: This fact ensures that the MotoVator R/T is well-suited for challenging desert conditions, as those with first-hand racing experience in such environments have directly influenced its design.

  2. Hard Pack Performance Tire: Specialization in hard pack surfaces makes this tire an excellent choice for riders who frequently traverse desert landscapes or similar terrains.

  3. Lightweight Design: A lighter tire can offer numerous benefits including better fuel efficiency, quicker acceleration, and improved handling, all of which are crucial in racing situations.

  4. Designed for Low Rolling Resistance: Lower rolling resistance means the tire can move more easily over the terrain, leading to less energy consumption and improved overall performance.

  5. Size and Weight: Available in two sizes (32 x 9.5-15 and 35 x 9.5R15), with weights of 36 lbs and 44 lbs respectively, offering options for different vehicle requirements and preferences.

In summary, the MotoVator R/T seems to be an excellent option for those seeking a high-performance, lightweight tire specifically designed for hard pack surfaces and lengthy desert journeys. Its low rolling resistance and desert racer-approved design promise efficient and effective performance in demanding conditions.

UTV Tire EFX Tire motovator close up of tread pattern on white background
EFX Motovator R/T UTV Tire Sale price$342.00