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MSA M26 Vibe Milled Gloss Black UTV Wheel

SKU: M26-04710M
Sale price$189.00

M26 Vibe Milled Gloss Black UTV Wheel | MSA

Elevate your UTV's aesthetics and performance with the M26 Vibe Wheel from MSA. Combining exceptional engineering with a striking design, this wheel is a standout addition to MSA's renowned line of UTV aftermarket accessories.

The M26 Vibe is crafted from superior-grade aluminum, offering unparalleled durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. Designed to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions, this wheel ensures a balanced, smooth ride, no matter the terrain.

This wheel captivates with its unique split-spoke design that exudes a sense of dynamic motion even when at rest. Finished in a dark tint machined paint, the M26 Vibe strikes an impressive balance between the rugged appeal of off-roading and the sophistication of modern design.

The spokes of the M26 Vibe extend from the center to the edge of the rim, drawing the eye to the intricate micro-machined accents that highlight the outer lip. This detailing, coupled with the gloss black paint on the inner part of the rim, creates an enthralling visual contrast that sets your UTV apart.

The M26 Vibe's design doesn't just stop at aesthetics; it's also about performance. This wheel offers optimal handling and superior traction, ensuring a safe and thrilling off-road adventure every time you hit the trails.

Choosing the M26 Vibe wheel means investing in a symbol of MSA's commitment to innovation, style, and quality. Make a bold statement and take your UTV to new heights of performance and style with the M26 Vibe wheel.

The M26 Vibe is part of our milled collection, bringing the best automotive grade paint finishes together with incredibly detailed CNC milled accents. Timeless split spokes and rich colors enhance this wheel to compliment any machine in any color. Each M26 Vibe wheel is hit with a thick coat of our gloss black paint before it is shipped off to our CNC department where a team of CNC operators meticulously vertical mill just enough virgin aluminum from each inner spoke to lighten the wheel and expose a beautiful aluminum accent. The milling operation is very time consuming and requires a trained operator to cut to exact specifications to ensure a lifetime of beauty. What makes this process so cool is that each wheel is 100% unique because the milling process creates a blade fingerprint on each wheel. Unlike chrome or polished aluminum, you will be able to see the cut marks in each raw aluminum accent. The M26 Vibe Milled is available in a variety of fitments and sizes.

msa m26 vibe utv wheel in gloss black on white background
MSA M26 Vibe Milled Gloss Black UTV Wheel Sale price$189.00